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"It’s expensive, but worth every penny. I love it!"
Verna Gunnerson,  ex-Kenmore user


"The air in my home is cleaner."
Arlene Lundgren,  ex-Eureka User


"My house smells fresher."
Regina Alderman, ex-Kenmore user

"I can’t believe the filth it removed from the carpet. The air seems fresher & cleaner."
Jacqueline Orlando, ex-Oreck user

"I can now breathe better."
Susan Lin, ex-Kenmore user

"The quality of the air in the house is much cleaner with less dust floating in the air."
Peggy Sue Dodge, ex-Hoover user

“I feel like I can breathe better.”
Maria Delgato, ex-Dirt Devil user

"Makes the air fresher.
We have less allergies using it."

Brenda Knutson, ex-Kirby user

“I noticed a distinct difference right away: my airways are clearer now. This was an important step to help save my health.”
Alice McKeon - Diablo, California

“I want to tell you how satisfied I am. I have Asthma and presently - Pleurisy, so buying your machine has literally been a life-saver. To tell the truth at first I thought the price of the machine was a little steep but comparing the price to how many vacuums I personally have bought over the past three years, Four to be exact, it’s certainly worth the price. I breathe easier at night, no more gasping for air, and no more hyper-ventilating!! I am sold on this machine, I want everyone to have one of these in their home for Health’s Sake. I’m a satisfied customer!”
Carmen Fernandes - Soulsbyville, California

“It has also helped my daughters allergy problems. It has helped reduce her medical bills by 50%!”
Sue Rastello - North Las Vegas, NV

"Here are pictures of my grandson using the machine! It's so easy a baby can do it.  The reusable bags are great, and the allergies around the house have decreased, as we have 3 cats and a dog the amount of pet dander has greatly decreased, I like the Medik Aire filter, it is great, it's nice knowing that nothing harmful is going into the air after I clean.  My daughter who has chronic sinus infections has had less sinus infections and seems to breathing a whole lot easier."
Thank you,
Kathy Luce
Ceres, CA


"Amazing machine! Love it! Love it! Love it! Lightweight, never loses suction, powerful! Does a great job on the pet hair! long cord, can reach my entire house from one outlet. Does an amazing job on both carpet and hard floors. I use it everyday!"
Sharon Stockman,  ex-Dyson user

"The P~4 is an awesome "cleaning machine". My carpets look newer, fluffy & revived. The big plus is the air is cleaner. I had no idea my sinus problems were mostly due to the dust from my carpet & created by my old vac. I was to the point of ripping up & replacing my carpet & replacing with tile. Thanks!"
Jill Cainess, ex-Oreck user

"The best part is how our house smells. I notice it every time I walk into the house!"
Marcie Rodriguez, ex-FilterQueen user