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                                                    GENERAL CARE

The PATRI0T is very well made and if you take care of it it will last many years.  A Mercedes Benz is well made but still needs occasional tune ups, so does the PATRI0T. Basically there is very little that needs to be done, first clip off any string or thread that may have accumulated around the brushroll being sure to check both ends of the Brushroll to see that no string is in the bearings. If you can, take out the Brushroll and pull the bearings off the ends and check the spindles for string and such(you might want to leave that for the service center).  Second remove all filters from the PATRI0T and hook the hose to the back of the PATRI0T to use it as a blower. Connecting the crevice tool to the hose will give you a high powered stream of air that you can now use to blow out the PATRI0T and the PowerHead and all the filters. Finally, wipe the entire system down with a good dissenfectant like Lysol to dissenfect the unit (you can't use too much),  I also recommend polishing off any grime from the bottom of the PowerHead with  Pledge furniture polish until it is super slippery this will make it very easy to use.  After blowing out the filters some of them may need washing or replacing so inspect them carefully. The Blue bag should be washed every six months or at least once per year (either throw it in the washing machine or preferrably hand wash it in the sink) and the motor filter can be rinsed in cold water and allowed to dry. Every 2 years put in a new piece of charcoal so it will keep catching odors.  The Medlk Aire filter needs to be replaced every 3 years to prevent it from exhausting bacteria, germs, viruses or molds into the returning air, and the Brush Strip on your Powerhead should be replaced yearly for optimum performance (or wait for the green & red light, but I recommend yearly - You'll see the difference).  Now reassemble all the filters into the unit once they are COMPLETELY DRY.  And your back in action!