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How Much Dust Do Vacuums Exhaust ??

PBDE - Is a fire retardant that has been used since 1960 in practically everything we own; toasters, coffee makers, microwaves, TV's, VCR's, CD players, Couches, just about everything in your home!  Only in the last 3 Years have scientists discovered that the chemical is leaching out of the products and attaching to the dust in our home. We are breathing in the contaminated dust and the PBDE is detectable in our hair, blood, urine and breast milk in levels so high that it is shown to cause neurological problems, learning problems, reproductive problems and measurable changes in a child's intelligence. So protect your loved ones as soon posssible and invest in a P~4.

This video shows how much dust exhausts into the air using an ordinary vacuum cleaner even if it is fitted with a so called "Hepa Filter".  Not one ordinary vacuum on the market for under $10,000 (besides the P~4, which we refuse to call a vacuum) has been able to prove that they can achieve the HEPA Standard by passing the D0P MILITARY STANDARD 282 HIGH EFFICIENCY FILTRATION TEST.  So the dust that is blowing out of the machine and into your face will be respirated along with the contaminants that can make you sick, ill or worse. These vacuums were tested using 1 micron size smoke particles to simulate the fine particles of dust that would escape and make it visible to the unaided human eye.

This is why you need a

This is why you need a

And, if this wasn't all enough below are PDF files of documents and articles done for the EPA & by others!